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Steve Atkinson
Prescott, Arizona - USA
Jason, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to patiently explain to me what I was doing wrong and for not laughing at me... at least when I was standing there. You make it all seem so easy. I'm looking forward to reading this ebook and putting my new found knowledge to good use. Booya!

Gregory Packard
, Colorado - USA
Jason does a wonderful job photographing paintings, and is a great photographer in the artistic sense too.

Mary Owens
Wimberley, Texas - USA
Thanks for this web site! I hope to download the info soon so I can begin my painting-a-day effort. FYI - I grew up in SA. My father, Jack Fletcher lived in SA. He showed at the Blue Star a couple of times. His retrospective show, Better Late Than Never", at the S.A. Art League was touted as the best show of 2001. check out his site: He shot his art own art so it looks terrible on the site. The original paintings are amazing. I'm a graphic artist and am updating the site and will repair the images. With your info I will reshoot the paintings before I redesign his site. Thanks!! May need guidance for large paintings

Laura Watmough
St. Albert, Select State - Canada

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