ExposingYourself - The Artist's Guide to Digital Imaging
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About This Site

ExposingYourself.net is designed to serve as a companion website to the e-book by Jason Smith entitled "Exposing Yourself - The Artists' Guide to Digital Imaging." This book was a long time in the making and is available for purchase through West Rim Designs. You can gain the tools you need when photographing artwork and learn from someone who has real life fine art industry experience.

Additionally, to serve as a support to the book please sign up for the ExposingYourself.net e-mail newsletter. This newsletter is geared to aid artists in the process of generating high quality images of their artwork without sucking the life out of their creative time. To subscribe simply click the Email Newsletter link in the navigation bar and submit your email address in the Subscribe field. Jason will periodically address his take on different aspects of artwork photography based on his practical real life art business experience.

You are always welcome to submit questions through the C0NTACT form. Jason is very diligent at replying to email and will address them in a timely manner.

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